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Simon and Heather; Friends With Benefits

Congratulations, it’s your Birthday! Your network of (imaginary) friends have been contacting you in various ways to wish you a wonderful day…

But who went that extra mile, who made you feel valued?

Raj sends you an email,

Sally sends you a text message,

Peter sends you a birthday card,

Heather gives you a telephone call,

Simon visits you at home.

This translates to Email Marketing (Raj), Mobile Marketing (Sally), Direct Mail (Peter), Telemarketing (Heather) and Field Sales (Simon).

We asked managers on LinkedIn the same question and 81% agreed that Field Sales and Telemarketing, the channels with the highest Human Interaction, made them feel most valued.

HI is an invaluable tool within the B2B sales cycle, particularly when acquiring new orders (both low and high value).  Many companies fail to incorporate HI into their sales process, but with 89% of new purchases requiring some form of HI the opportunities for first-time business are immense. HI is also particularly effective for account nurture and appointment setting across all types of order.

For example, today new orders which involve large corporate companies rarely transpire without HI, this is largely due to the fact that recent years have seen an increase in high value, complex sales. This has resulted in much bigger deals and a longer buying process. Such high risk deals tend to be decided by the company board of directors, so it’s vital that sellers nurture relationships with all of them... or risk failing to meet all their individual needs!

The most effective way to build individual relationships with company directors, whilst ensuring you fit their various requirements, is through HI. By visiting them in person or speaking on the phone you communicate in real-time which is an effective way to quickly dispel doubts and build trust. HI improves the overall customer experience and enables the seller to draw upon the use of body language and tone of voice in order to influence a positive outcome.

(In short: Simon & Heather went that extra mile, they made you feel appreciated. By doing so they strengthened their existing relationships with you and proved they are thoughtful & reliable friends.)

HI plays a massive part in inspiring strong buyer-seller relationships and increasing buyer confidence.