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Six B2B social media marketing tips

B2B sales cycles require different marketing strategies than the ones popularized by the B2C environment. Handing out coupons and organizing simple giveaways is not a sufficient B2B marketing approach. So what is, then? We look at the most resourceful B2B social media marketing tips, which will help you get more followers and effectively convert them into devoted clients.

 1. Get vocal about your business

In order to succeed in highly competitive B2B market you need to come across as a valuable player. The best way to do this is to establish your social presence. As soon as you have a well-functioning social media site, share valuable industry news your followers and potential clients could find engaging and entertaining. Don't be afraid to keep track of your competition's undertakings, especially if your targets overlap.

 2. Use different channels

B2B commerce can be carried out via different social media channels. Facebook is still the most popular choice to drive B2B sales and build brand awareness before you initiate first contact with prospective clients. However, you need to be aware that the world of social media does not end there. Effective use of Twitter and LinkedIn together with paid social - promoted Tweets, sponsored Facebook content, LinkedIn Ads - is quickly becoming today's marketing standard. Interestingly, once underappreciated, Instagram is currently a powerful player on the social media scene. With 200 million worldwide users, it is a force to be reckoned with.

 3. Get the numbers straight

Having a company's Facebook page is a credible proof of your professionalism. The key to Facebook marketing is the numbers. Potential clients will be more impressed with 10,000 followers, rather than just 100. To make your social presence more valuable, do share links to external content. It will help your followers associate you brand with other reputable companies. Create one account that will bring together all your services and products. Even if you have a diverse offer or a wide array of services, you should make an effort to put it all together. This will create a cohesive picture of your company.

 4. Stay in touch with the right people

Research shows that 80% of social media B2B leads are generated by LinkedIn. The biggest advantage of LinkedIn is that you can reach out not only to other B2B companies, but also individuals who make purchasing decisions. To make your company more visible, engage in group discussions, share some insightful tips, or offer useful advice. It will give your company more recognition.

 5. Improve your Tweets

To use Twitter marketing effectively you need to know that it's all about being at the right place the right time. Hundreds of conversations and professional exchanges happen on this platform, therefore it is essential – and extremely easy – to engage in weekly Twitter chats. Use tchat to keep track of ongoing discussions, apply the right hashtags, and tag the right people or companies. This will help you build relationships with your current and potential clients.

 6. Become a blogger

Yet another technique to attract more B2B buyers is to set up a professional blog or a YouTube channel to educate your clients. It is also a great place to tell the story of your brand, share expertise, publish testimonials, and showcase your portfolio. Make your content easy to share and actively promote it through your own social media channels.

 All that combined will help you achieve B2B social media marketing success. And remember – nobody expects you to be everywhere. You don't need to use all available social networking sites. Instead, choose those that are most relevant to your business.

By Nicole Davies, ShortCourseFinder