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Six Marketing Strategies for Your B2B Tech Startup

Entrepreneurs have different goals, but all successful companies started with a goal of solving a problem. Solving the problem can be the most tasking part of running a startup. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure your B2B tech startup is successful. 

Find Your Target Audience
Before doing any marketing, you need to make sure you are focusing on your target audience. Your network will help you find people interested in the product you are promoting. Let your business contacts know you are starting a company, and most of them will be happy to provide you with potential customers. If you have previous experience in the tech industry, your business contacts can vouch for your knowledge and credibility.

Create a Tech Portfolio
If you have had previous success in the tech industry, you should have your accomplishments organized in a portfolio. You will need a digital and a paper portfolio. A venture capitalist will want to see a portfolio of your track record, and potential customers will want to see a list of your accomplishments. Promoting your product is important, but you should also promote yourself. List all your achievements on your website.

Start Cold Calling
You have to be comfortable making cold calls to potential customers and companies. Take a few hours out of every day to cold call potential customers. You will need a thick skin to practice this marketing technique, but cold calling can help you find new customers. It is also a great way to introduce your product to IT professionals. 

Differentiate Your Brand
Customers and business professionals will want to know what makes your company different from your competition. Be prepared to tell potential customers how your tech startup can change the IT industry.

Utilize Social Media
Technology is changing the startup game. Start a blog and utilize social media. Update your blog at least once a week, and encourage your visitors to leave opinions in the comments section. Contact other webmasters and offer to be a guest blogger. Become a frequent poster on technology forums. Other people in the industry will vouch for your credibility if you have a history of offering useful feedback. Offer your readers free materials in exchange for their contact information. Many people will sign up for a mailing list if they are offered free digital content.

Form a Partnership
Consider forming a partnership with an established company. If you have a large audience, many successful companies will be willing to form a partnership with you. Before agreeing to a partnership, you should consult with an attorney to ensure you will benefit from a merger or acquisition. 

Attend startup technology conferences. You can meet hundreds of potential customers at technology conferences. Many people attend conferences for information on new tech products. Before attending the conference, you should inquire about being a guest speaker. Your network might be able to help you find sponsors for your product.