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Six reasons why your PPC ads are not showing in search results

Christelle Macri, a digital marketing consultant at eBizpromotion, explains six common reasons why your PPC Ads are not showing in search results.

After paying for a PPC advertising campaign, it can be tempting to search for your targeted keywords in order to see the results for yourself. However, many people who do so then end up contacting their search or SEO marketing agency, wondering why their adverts do not appear. Here, we look at six common reasons why this may be the case.

1. Your campaign is targeted towards certain locations or times

Search results are influenced by more than just keywords and this explains a huge number of issues reported to search consultants. Some campaigns are targeted towards specific locations, so if your IP address shows you are outside that location, you won't see the ad. The same principle applies to ads targeted towards specific times of day.

2. There are issues with your daily budget or ad scheduling

Another common reason for ads failing to show up involves problems with your daily budget. It could be that your daily budget has been depleted, so needs to be increased, or it could be that the budget is limited, meaning AdWords will try to spread your budget across the day. As a result, ads may only show up at certain times.

3. The text on the advert has been disapproved by AdWords

In some cases, the text on your advert may be disapproved by Google AdWords. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, but one common issue is to do with formatting. For instance, if your text is in all capitals, this will contravene the service's guidelines. Alternatively, the products you are advertising may break AdWords policies.

4. Google thinks the adverts do not match your interests

Given that Google takes a number of different factors into account, it could be that its algorithm has decided you are not interested in your own advertising campaign. Things that could contribute towards this include your social media activity, your own search history and the number of times the ad has been displayed to your IP address.

5. Your billing information is out-of-date or incorrect

If none of the suggestions make sense so far, there could be a far more simple explanation - your billing details have expired. If you are paying via a credit or debit card, check that the card is still in date. To prevent the problem from occurring again, consider adding a secondary billing method to your account.

6. You have been excessively searching for your own adverts

Finally, while it may be tempting to search for your own adverts, doing so can be detrimental to your ad campaign. If you search for your own advert, but do not click it, this can impact upon your Quality Score and your click through rate, which can them impact upon future visibility. On the other hand, if you do click, it will cost you money.