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Six steps to infographic success

Everyone loves a good infographic, but with over 36 million flying around the web, creating a successful one has become harder than ever.

B2B Marketing's Infographics Best Practice Guide helps B2B marketers grasp concepts, gain audience insight and understanding, create or commission good design and measure success.

We thought it was only right to create a visual aid to accompany the guide (yes - an infographic about infographics) which outlines six steps to success.

The six steps explained: 

1. Be prepared
When embarking on a new campaign do your research, source data, interpret and have a story to tell. Some 13 per cent of your time should be spent initiating the infographic, 30 per cent executing the project and 8 per cent closing the campaign.

2. Be striking
With so many infographics available make sure yours stands out.  For example, don’t  convey the same message as hundreds of others. Firstly, your audience would have heard it all before and as a result your graphic won’t be worth sharing. Second, it will be much harder search for.   

3. Be visual
An infographic is a visual aid so be creative. Only 5 per cent of people are kinaesthetic learners, 30 per cent are auditory learners and a whopping 65 per cent are visual learners. As a result, visually interesting graphics are a great way of connecting with prospects across the globe.

4. Be concise
Get to the point. In order for your brand's infographic to be successful it needs to be concise. It’s essential copy is easy to digest. The average human attention span in has dropped by four seconds since 2000 – this means our concentration span is less than a goldfish. As a result, users only read around 28 per cent of the words on a web page.

5. Be on Brand
Your business’ infographic needs to be on brand. Use the colours, icons and fonts that match your house style – as you can see our infographic is similar to the style of our website.

6. Share
Promote on your website, promtoe it across your social channels and share with other relevant infographics sites such as blogs like


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To learn more about creating the perfect infographic download our new Infographics Best Practice Guide.