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Slow Sales? Try these tips For Productive B2b lead generation


We all have our slow days, and when it hits, you just have to go along with it. Even so, this is not the time for you to dilly-dally or take things lightly. If you want to remain productive in B2B lead generation, you need to do other things that, while it might not be all about selling, but is actually essential in ensuring good B2B leads in the future. Yes, this might be hard for you to handle, maybe even boring, but you really have to do it. Besides, you might learn something that can help in your future B2B appointment setting plans. And in case you do not know where to start, you can use these tips as a guide:

  1. Redefine your B2B leads – when you talk about qualified sales leads, what do you really mean by that? Sometimes, the definition you made can be so strict that you end up discarding potentially profitable ones. During these slow times, it might be good to have B2B telemarketing team come together and discuss how to redefine the kind of sales leads that you should be chasing at this period.
  2. Revisit older leads – sometimes, potential business deals fizzle out, but these can remain as sales leads. Why not let your marketing team work on these? See they can do about it. If the contact person (usually the decision-maker) is still receptive to your offer, then you have a sales opportunity that you should not miss.
  3. Ask for referrals – the simplest sales tactic that you can use. And it can work both ways. If your current clients (even the past ones) are happy with your service, they will stay with you longer. In addition, they can recommend you to their friends or acquaintances, especially those that have a need of what you offer. If you ask for their help, they will help you find new customers.
  4. Look at hidden possibilities – sometimes, you just have to look beyond your usual channels to find new business opportunities. It is possible that you already have one in your hands, but you do not know it yet. How you perceive things play a big role on this. A lot of appointment setting representatives are usually focused on finding new customers, and end up forgetting that they should be looking for new businesses. Try tapping old customers, they might show you some possible sales to make.
  5. Improve your offer – you might need to do a little relabeling or redesigning of your brand. You might want to do some tweaks on your services. Whatever these are, take this time as an opportunity to improve your image. You are not really selling anything at this point, anyway, so you might as well work on getting the other aspects of your business improved on.
Do these, and you will not be having that much of a hard time for your B2B lead generation campaign. Yes, things might be slow, but at least you have something to do, right?