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Smartphone innovation: Where we’re going next?

It’s the era of Smartphone revolution and with the crack of every new dawn; we get to see a new Smartphone with new features, attributes and benefits. A 3.5 mm jack was a great deal of innovation some years back and now we have a whole range of phablet displays, HD TV blended in the smartphone, high processors, 3D screens, retina display and a lot more.

1. On-The-Move Charging:

The need for wireless charging support is growing with more people using smartphones on the move. Devices that adapt to wireless charging support need to support the Qi standards, created by wireless power consortium. Lumia 920, Nexus4, Galaxy s4 are few names that support such a standard presently.

Qi however isn’t a robust standard as it requires costly charging cover and plate. Apart from the cost, the plate charges one device at a time which is time consuming. Some tech giants are trying to develop a technology which will charge the device just when you drop the device on it. It can be any damn thing that can be easily converted to a moving charger. Exciting, isn’t it? Technical companies are trying to innovate devices that help charge smartphones easily and just anywhere.

2. Water Resistant Engineering:

Nanocoating protection is the next big thing which has already started setting in motion. With this technology in place, it would be easy to save phone from water or light spill. The coating helps make the phone radically waterproof without the need of locking it in a big waterproof case. So, such technologies will allow people to be on the go more easily. Not only this, innovation in such a technology will also increase the consumer loyalty ration as consumers have no more to spend on repairs due to water damage.

3. Sensitive Sensors:

Sensors on smartphone are already translating many benefits and in times to come, companies will use them more exhaustively. These sensors will be able to gauge temperature and suggest clothes, measure the air quality, traffic condition on the roads and much more. Some evangelists also predict about sensors that will predict health of the person, sensing changes in the body. Sensors will change the way we look at things and possibly also provide us solutions to multiple issues in routine lives.

4. Diverse Application Centers:

Smartphone users are becoming app centric and that said; it would not be bombastic to predict that in times to come, users will witness app resolution making them more connected. Certain apps will focus on improving quality of life of patients while certain others will ensure that you share the picture right on a click to everyone in your email list and some others will help you drive your vehicle safely, when you are drunk. The possibilities are extremely endless.

Summing up, these are just few things we could thought of but there is a lot more attached to the upcoming innovation in smartphone technology. Touch free gesture based input for the disabled, suggestions where your friends are hanging out and a lot more is still untapped and shall be coming soon as the technology advance.

This guest article has been composed by Christy Root who works for Prepaymania and, who writes Guest Articles, Press Releases for Mobile Phones. She loves to update herself with different mobile technologies.