Smater Not Harder When It Comes To Automating Processes

Many businesses face heavy competition for customers. Clients may demand faster order fulfillment and lower prices. Customers may put pressure on you to create an easier way to do business. Given all of these demands, the answer may be technology. If you don’t make business easier for your client, your competitors will.

Automate your flow of paperwork

Companies in many industries must work with a large amount of paperwork. The costs to process paperwork can be enormous. Paperwork must be printed, copied, mailed or faxed. At some point, company paperwork is filed. When a document is needed, someone must be able to find the information quickly. That process requires a well-organized filing system. All of these steps require an investment in people or technology.

Automation can reduce the labor investment required for record-keeping. As an example, this article explains how technology can generate cost savings in the insurance industry.

Saving time using electronic signatures

One type of technology that can streamline operations is electronic signatures. lists the extensive number of areas in a business that can benefit from e signatures.

An electronic signature can be legally binding ( This means that contracts, purchase orders and other agreements can be signed without the need for a physical document. An e signature eliminates the need to print, scan or fax documents. The documents can be tracked electronically, so your firm can be notified when the form is signed. Your business can file documents so you have an audit trail of any transaction--without the need to print and file records.

Improving the sales process

Your firm may require salespeople to get signed contracts from customers. An e signature system can allow your sales staff to obtain a signature and send the document automatically. This process can free up time, because the salesperson is not required to keep the signed contract and send it to your office. If the company gets the signed contract quickly, they can start processing the customer order sooner. The sales process can operate more efficiently.

Human resources and legal requirements

Human resources (HR) and legal departments can require many types of documents. An HR department works with offer letters, employee contracts and benefits documents. Your legal area generates many types of contracts, also. The workflow for both of these departments can be more efficient using e signatures. They can comply with all of their compliance requirements in less time.

Changing your day-to-day operations

This article explains how daily business operations can be improved with technology. An electronic system can allow you to submit purchase orders to your vendors electronically. When you receive supplies or materials from a vendor, you can verify that goods were received electronically. Technology allows a company to generate a variety of labels. The label can be scanned to identify the contents of goods received or a shipment to a customer.

Respond to your competitors

Using technology may be your best response to growing competition. The cost savings from technology can help you keep your prices competitive and still generate a reasonable profit. E signature technology can help speed up your sales and production process. If you can receive a customer order and send out a product faster, you may improve client satisfaction.