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SMS Marketing Services as the Most Effective Marketing Methods

If you haven’t integrated SMS into your business’ marketing strategy, do now. Analysts have predicted that in 2015, SMS services will boost the marketing activity of a majority of businesses. So, what it is it about this service that makes it so special? Well, here is a closer look at some of the facts that make SMS marketing one of the most effective marketing methods of today:

1.     Instant Deliverability of Message

Let’s admit it; SMS is fast – really fast. It is like putting your message directly into your subscriber’s purse or pocket just seconds after you send it. This pace is one of the leading reasons why more and more small and large businesses are adapting to SMS marketing services. Other online marketing strategies may also be fast, but they come short when compared to the pace of SMS.

2.     SMS as a Flexible Platform

Either you have to deliver thousands of messages to entire lists or just a handful of messages to selected users; SMS marketing is always the right choice. If properly utilized, SMS marketing services lets you tailor your text message campaigns. This will let you deliver according to the needs of your business’ subscribers. Either you have to send a quick industry update or a promotional message; SMS marketing will let you have the flexibility and the edge you need over you competitors. Also, SMS marketing services will easily mesh with your business’ other online marketing strategies, for e.g. social media platforms.

3.     Easy to Sign In and Sign Out

Due to short codes, you can easily sign in and out of your SMS service. This lets you instantly change any setting that you like or not. Unlike other facilities, SMS marketing services generally depend on a single step process. And besides entering your phone number, marketing services rarely ask for personal data up front. Due to this simplicity, SMS marketing is gaining popularity and is now categorized among the most popular mediums of marketing.

4.     High Open Rate

Compared to other online marketing mechanisms, such as email, SMS has a significantly higher rate of being read. Recent estimates suggest that the vast majority of marketing SMS sent by the companies are read by customers and subscribers, as compared to only a few marketing emails.

Just imagine, your subscribers feeling that buzz from their phone of receiving a message, they always look. Your message may also automatically open itself. This way, when the receiver gets you message, he will most definitely go through it.

5.     High Rate of Conversion

SMS marketing is gaining popularity among major corporations since it is related with higher subscriber action rates. No matter what product you sell - or service you provide – your message will definitely be replied by a larger number of recipients as compared to other promotional strategies, like email.

6.     The Factor of Reliability

Another plus point of an SMS marketing campaign is the fact that there is a zero chance of spamming. This is because the SMS service is more like a direct connection that exists between the company and the customer. Also, there are no barriers in between the senders and the receivers. This means that receivers always find it easy to communicate or reply to the service provider.

7.     Brief Messages

SMS marketers emphasize on giving a brief, but concise message to their subscribers. This allows the receivers to gain a better idea of what is up for offer. The subscribers also feel that they can save their time when they go through SMS messages, as compared to other online marketing methodologies like email.

So, there you have it. All these facts make an SMS marketing service among the most effective marketing methods that are in existence today.