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So what makes a marketer?

While there can be only one "Marketer of the Year", there were eight finalists in 2012. As part of The Evidence, we took a look at what made them stand out from the crowd and tried to draw some conclusions about the skills that define the modern marketer. This is what we found:

  • They have courage and commitment, and are willing to work hard to see their ideas through to fruition.
  • They quickly acquire knowledge about the sector and their profession, putting it to use by working closely with the wider business.
  • They listen and think as much as they act, using data and intelligence to guide activity.
  • They are accountable for success and failure, measuring their own impact and using that to build momentum.
  • They are talented communicators, adept with the theory and execution of marketing communications, able to select the right tool for the job in hand and measure its effect.
  • They engage the people around them, teams and stakeholders alike to ensure common objectives and a shared sense of success.
  • They enjoy what they do and it shows.

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