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Social, Digital & Mobile – Modern Marketing Trends 2014

The power of what we call as Online Connectivity has emerged triumphant in mirroring the Modern Marketing Landscape with Mobile dominated platforms, Social media channels and heavy Digital penetration. If we talk of figures, it doesn’t come as a surprise that out of the world’s total population of 7 billion, close to 6 billion folks own a mobile phone, roughly 2.5 billion people are using internet and near about 1.8 billions are active on social networking platforms accounting to approximately two-thirds of the global internet population, thereby crafting a Modern Marketing Triad driven with the consolidation of 3 supreme powers – Social, Digital and Mobile. With just a month into 2014, newer brands have already started seeking social media marketing and management services from social media optimization experts so as to revamp their pitching strategies, enhance long-lasting customer engagement and thus win the digital grandprix on the web cloud. So, let’s participate in the new race together by peeping into this article to know what this year has in box for the global marketers.

Mobile Drift – The New Wave Superseeding all Advertising Trends!!

Flaunting big smartphones is a status symbol and this well justifies the inclination towards the huge potential in the Mobile Market. A new “Marketing Trifecta” is revealed by Flowtown in its recent Infographic; the statistics compiled are sure to turn heads of those who are behind this race of Going Mobile.


The image shared above well dictates the need of understanding the analogy between social media platforms & mobile devices. Now let’s take a look at a few conclusions drawn from the infographic so as to help out social media optimization experts tailor their Social Media Marketing & Management Services in sync with the latest progressions.

1)      Out of 91% of Americans (285 million) that use mobile devices in the US, around 23% (70 million) are using smartphones.

2)      Facebook & Twitter overtake all other viral social networks & tools.

3)      41% companies overlook Brand Awareness as their primary goal for Social Media Efforts

With so many gadgets & handsets available out there, it is almost impossible to resist the fact that the trend is altogether changing the way social media optimization experts used to think earlier. It’s high time to perceive social media & mobile as a consolidated concept and replace old traditional marketing practices with new & innovative methodologies that can blow your competitors away from everyone’s sight. As a newest trend, all mobile platforms are focusing on the voice based search that involves understanding semantics rather than just keywords & phrases.

Hence keeping an eye on Social Media Marketing & Management Services hand in hand with top 7 search engine marketing trends of 2014 will make sure you get the most out of your online business this year.

In-stream Video Advertising on INTERNET TV - Killer Media outbursting amongst Big Brands!!

In-stream Video Advertising on Mobile Phones and Tablets is the one and only platform which blends the perfect mixture of powerful emotional engagement with real time social media interactivity that lets you take the biggest advantage of all your online advertising campaigns. In-stream video ads are the ads that are played at the beginning of video, during the video and after the video just like the TV commercials displayed between popular shows or movies. And the interesting part is, most of the online video ads cannot be typically stopped from being played(those without the “Skip Ad” option) thus opening doors to monetize highly from the video content that the publisher is delivering and the customer is viewing. With video ads, an inherent thrilling suspense is created amongst the audience that can even prompt them to wait for your next release, thus facilitating newest brands to quickly compete with the already existing brands in the market.

According to a study conducted by Rhythm New Media, combining In-Stream Mobile Video with Tablet Banner Ads Lifts Engagement by 41%.

A similar study by Rhythm New Media also reveals that Social Media Buttons Boost Engagement upto 64% more for Interactive In-Stream Mobile Video Ads.

So, as a brand if you are looking to establish your Online Niche that propels audience to take action, you must surge your interest in In-stream Video Advertising & combining it with biggest social media platforms is just the icing on the cake. With iPads, Smartphones, Tablets and other finger-friendly gadgets, brands have already started opting for full page video advertisements rather than multiple small online ads on a single page that are often ignored by the audience. Tactics like Generating Calls to action via – Tap to like, Tap to follow, and Tap to Share on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and other popular social media platforms are making video ads interactive and engaging even more. No doubt, Internet TV is replacing the Traditional televisions fast in this digital era and thus more and more Business owners are looking forward to re-purpose their TV ads on Mobile or iPads to increase click through rates upto 50% more and to land up successful in all their online marketing efforts!!

Location Based Marketing will set the balls rolling in 2014

Exploring the best possible way to reach out to your audience is the only solution to increase ROI in real sense. It’s wise to target the audience after a demographic market research to build a Business Model that stands tall despite all odds while proving to be cost effective at the same time. Optimizing your marketing campaigns with respect to area becomes extremely important in a scenario where there is a cut-throat competition on the webspace. So let’s have a quick look at some of the tools helpful in conducting Location Based Marketing.

  1. Facebook’s newly launched Location Tracking Apps & other efforts will allow local brands and advertisers to personalize a bit more with their customers. Plus their recently launched conversion tracking app has come as a boon for all digital marketers who want to know the sequence of events happening while a user is browsing through their site.
  2. With “Google Places for Business” and “Google+ Local Business Pages”, you can quickly have your listing appear in Google local search. Google Local Pages also allow one to include a map of their business’ physical location while displaying all the essential contact information like address, phone no and hours of operation to help outreach regional customers easily. For example – if any customer searches “Buy Shoes in Delhi”, the Google Search Engine Result Pages will show up the local businesses on the forefront and on the right hand side, even a Delhi map will appear wherein the customer can pinpoint the exact location where they want to buy. Potential readers can even leave their comments and post their reviews on your business on these pages.
    Not just this, Brands can even create and manage circles, start a new hangout, join an existing one, share content or articles via Google+ feeds, posts, upload photos and videos so that customers can easily connect with their business’s physical location. Plus, there is a single dashboard for you to manage each and everything quickly and easily.
  3. The recently introduced “Location Based Pins on Pinterest” enable brands to increase footfall by showcasing a product or service along with the option to link their website address with the image thus creating a new board with location pins embedded right into it.

So, by this time, we believe the mindsets of all the readers might have gone Digital with a whooping number of fresh ideas to implement in the next couple of months. We wish everyone Good luck & a money- making year ahead!!