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Social media and telemarketing work hand-in-hand in the B2B world

The increasingly saturated market and heavy competition make it harder and harder to attract new clients. That is why it is essential to market your business effectively. Profitability of your business largely depends on the marketing pathway you choose. This raises fundamental questions: is there an ideal marketing pathway? And is there a single proven recipe for success?

Social media

Social media presence can generate a great deal of potential profit for your business. It can help you find your prospective clients, introduce yourself, connect, and engage with them through discussion groups and regular updates. By actively discussing industry issues, offering advice to your prospects, and sharing useful content online you will get visible, and slowly establish yourself as an industry leader.  Effectively, if your social media marketing efforts are consistent, you will gain credibility and trust. Furthermore, by following and engaging in conversations with your prospects in online groups and forums you will be able to capture their business preferences and requirements. This intelligence helps understand your target market better and keep up-to-date with new trends. However, is it enough in the B2B world? While social media helps familiarise people with your business, it often takes a lot of time before any significant results can be achieved. Moreover, while your online connections may be happy to engage with discussion with you online, any direct sales efforts would probably be ignored. This is when telemarketing comes in handy.


Certainly, telemarketing does not give you an opportunity to reach masses with as little effort as social media marketing does. In addition, cold calling is often perceived as an intrusive way of being contacted. Regardless of these drawbacks, it has lots to offer – it brings B2B to the next level as it allows direct contact with your prospects with almost immediate outcome.  Not only does it help reach businesses faster and get a quicker response, but it also increases the likelihood of getting your message directly to the right decision maker. Furthermore, a direct and more personal approach is more likely to generate a deeper interest in your services, and will ultimately generate ROI.

Social media + Telemarketing = Success

As you can see, both social media and telemarketing offer a huge potential on their own. However, their true strength is revealed when united in a marketing strategy. Consider this: while online platforms can build strong awareness of your brand among a wide community of users, it is telemarketing, with its direct and personal approach, that will secure your business deals. At the same time, a background research of your prospective client, and/or online interaction with them prior a direct approach, will warm up a cold call – you simply know more about people you talk to, and they are already familiar with you and your brand. This consequently is more likely to generate a successful outcome.

Marketing offers a great range of ways to help your business thrive. Choosing the right one may not let you drown in the sea of competitors, but integrating it with another will raise you above them. Implemented well, social media activity enforced by telemarketing gives your business a competitive edge that leads to success. One of them has already seen a major ROI from the campaign combining LinkedIn strategy with telemarketing. It can also work for you, so why not explore it?