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The social media evolution

I’m sure you won’t have failed to notice the growing use of social media in recent years, not just by consumers but also by businesses.

But let’s put its evolution into context: one of the biggest social media networks, Twitter is currently seeing users send 200 million tweets per day – staggering when you compare this figure to that of 2009, when users sent a mere two million tweets a day. This demonstrates the phenomenal speed at which social media platforms are expanding.

It’s important that B2B brands thinking about or already using this platform incorporate social media into their overall marketing strategy. Tracking and monitoring conversations customers are having – be it positive, negative or neutral comments – with social media analytical tools will give brands some perspective on how they’re perceived by their target audience.

Our most recently published Social Media Monitoring Technology Evaluation Guide provides B2B marketers with an understanding of sentiment, social media analytics, suppliers and solutions. The report includes detailed functional specifications for different social media monitoring tools, suppliers and platforms to help marketers shortlist and select the right analytical systems for their needs.

This guide is a key resource for brand marketers, customer service heads, digital marketing professionals, marketing directors, heads of marketing, marketing managers, marketing executives, heads of social media, PR agencies, PR teams and anyone involved in the process of defining or re-defining social media strategies.

Download the report now.