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Social media habits


I’m always curious to see how the latest social media habits are evolving. Lots of research is being done and it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends. Last week I came across an interesting blog on Forbes about how marketers’ tastes in social media are changing.

The blog post featured Leadtails’ Social Insights Report. One of the questions the report tried to answer was: Which social networks are most popular with CMOs? It stated that respectively Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are the social platforms marketing leaders use the most. I was surprised when I found YouTube in second place and not LinkedIn (ranked 4th). This proves again that CMOs want more visual content and that videos are becoming more important.

Note that Instagram is also being used more than LinkendIn according to the report. I was very surprised at this as I thought LinkedIn was considered the social network most professionals use. But LinkedIn is growing; it just isn’t as big as I thought it was. The professional social platform has received a lot more attention from marketers over the last few years. Cross posting of content from LinkedIn to Twitter has gone up 200 per cent compared to 2010.

Meanwhile marketers seem to have lost interest in location-based check-in apps. The once popular Foursquare had 28 per cent of marketers 'checking in' two years ago, and is now almost not being used at all with as few as five per cent still using the app today.

What can we learn from this? I think marketers have become more professional when using social media. Personal information is no longer one of the things they share with their followers. Also video content has become very important.

Do check out the complete report for more information or some fun lists like: ‘the top 25 most popular sources of mainstream and industry content’ or ‘the top 10 most retweeted people’.