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The social media manager

For the majority of SMEs (and the odd corporation) having a social media manager is not a necessity. Social tends to be managed by a keen team member, or marketer, juggling this between other tasks that are actually specified on their job description.

However, with the social media monster only growing stronger, how can these individuals ensure their brand’s social media presence is maintained? Because, after all, nowadays social media marketing means a lot more than sending out a thrice-weekly tweet. It means having a strategy in place, having a calendar of content, reporting findings and making changes accordingly. Missing out one of these stages can result in an ineffective social presence, or worse a digital disaster.

You might believe the answer is simple: the whole team can chip in. Yes, creating social guidelines and perhaps sending the team on a training course could be a solution.

But it also raises a problem: inconsistent brand voice. If everyone is chipping in on social, your voice can become diluted and disjointed. Plus, over the last 12 months we have seen multiple incidents where the wrong person has been put in charge of
social (for example the well publicised HMV intern).

So, is this debate just leading to a dead end? Not necessarily. In my opinion, brands (big and small) need to ensure they create positions that incorporate social media into their roles. The individuals then need to receive adequate training in order to make the greatest use of this ‘all-powerful’ marketing channel. If you choose not to invest in this wholly free medium you will not see the adequate returns. Basically, social will be a waste of time.