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Social media marketing - In it for the long game

Social media marketing is an essential element of your online marketing campaign, but don’t always expect instant results, says Laura Wakeham, social media marketer and copywriter executive, at Assertive Media

There are too many businesses out there who give up from the word go with their social media marketing. Just because your Facebook page isn’t attracting many customers (or ‘should-I-say? potential customers), and it isn’t getting your business any direct website clicks, don’t be put off!

At the end of the day, social media marketing is a long game. You may not see results at the drop of a hat, but persevere and give it time, and you’ll soon see how your business can reap rewards from its social media profiles.

Here are a few insights as to why you should persevere with your business’ social media profiles:

Activity, activity, activity

You’ll probably know that having a weekly, or even monthly, blog posted to your business website, keeps it credible, updated and refreshed in the eyes of search engines, like Google. What’s more, customers and visitors to your site will enjoy reading it too and, if they become regular readers, will end up returning to your site much more often.   

In the same way, having an active social media profile (if not, more than one profile if you can!) undoubtedly gives your business much stronger online branding. Posting to your Facebook page shows that your business is still alive, promotes its most recent services and/or products, and works amongst a network to establish a business presence that is current, relevant and beneficial to SEO.

Create an online community

Social media is a modern and excellent way of communicating with others. Many people may even visit social media on their breaks at work, whilst sitting at their desks and even receive constant notifications on their mobile phones. As a result, the social media community is constantly communicating and all businesses should ensure they are part of it.

Even if you currently have only one or two followers, continue to post to social media every day and, inevitably, you’ll gain more. What’s more, when people then look back over your history, you’ll have a much more interesting story behind your brand, and you’ll be much more intriguing to new customers.

Be personal

Social media allows your business to get up close and personal with your customers. Not only will your customers be able to communicate with you confidently, clearly (and whenever they want!), they’ll feel more of a connection with your brand.

To really make the most of creating personal connections with your customers, you can share unique photos on your business page (photos really do tend to be very popular!) and, perhaps even tag associated people in them.

If you are a local business, why not include local allusions to get your target audience interested? Perhaps mention upcoming local events and take photos of your business at these events.

It’s true, social media profiles can be a great place to ‘advertise’ your products and/ or services. However, if you combine ‘advertisement-style’ posts with posts and images that tell a story behind your business, you will definitely establish yourself more strongly online.

So, whatever happens, don’t give up on your business’ social media marketing! It’s true, perhaps a direct advertisement will sell a product immediately, but play the long game, and establish your brand’s story, and you’ll soon see a greater following, gain strong business connections and see the results of your social media marketing efforts!