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Social media + science

Social media isn’t a science and it doesn’t mix well with things like proof and quantifiable ROI. That’s why it was refreshing to read the latest findings from Dan Zarrella, the self-styled social media scientist.

Zarrella’s latest attempt to add an element of clarity and definition to the foggy social media landscape saw him investigate where in a tweet it is best to position a link.

It’s the kind of thing we all do on autopilot each day but how much do you actually think about where your messages, hashtags and links actually sit within the 140 character block you have to play with?

You should be putting them roughly 25 per cent of the way through the tweet for optimum click through, according to Zarrella’s research.

He has kindly put together a heat map graphic, highlighting just how useful a link tends to be at each stage of the tweet’s construction. And it can be found on his website

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