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Social Media Services That Earn Their Keep

Regardless of what some laymen think, social media is not some fad. It’s a huge subset of the marketing industry that accounts for a significant amount of manpower and budget dollars for brands all around the world. That’s a lot of resources on the line. If you’re not investing wisely, you’re digging yourself into a hole. Return on investment (ROI) is an important factor in determining whether social media services are a drain or a boost to your bottom line. But, there are some services that are always a good bet because they earn their way into your budget.


Media Alerts

Media alerts are just notifications by email or through a program dashboard when your brand, competitors or industry issues are mentioned in the media. This should include broadcast mentions and print articles, as well as online news, blog posts and social media posts, such as tweets. You should be monitoring everywhere your brand is mentioned, so just setting up Google Alerts usually won’t do the job. How you respond to mentions depends on the situation. However, a well timed media alert can help you get in front of a PR crisis.

Remember that media alerts aren’t just about your brand and keeping an eye on competitors. You should also be monitoring important topics related to your brand. Let’s say you run a staffing agency. Not only do you want to check for mentions of your brand in the media, you might also want to monitor changes in labor laws. That’s information you need to run your business and it’s also perfect fodder for social media posts. It’s your job to lead the conversation in your industry. Isentia Social media monitoring keep you up to date on what’s happening so that you can do just that.


Social Releases

A social release is a lot like a traditional press release but it takes advantage of the fact that most of its recipients will be viewing it digitally. Instead of using words only to craft the release, you use video, images, and other textures to draw more attention to it. In a world that moves as fast as a tweet or like, the idea of someone getting inspired by your latest product release is not very realistic. However, adding texture to the release makes it more interesting and interesting always gets more attention.

Releases may have changed skins, but the fundamentals are still the same. You should only be sending them to a high targeted list of influencers in your industry. If you’re in the mobile app business, a writer for an international culinary magazine shouldn’t be on your release list. (Well, unless the app is about preparing or consuming food.) Keep the copy short and angled toward a story the recipient would like to tell. Don’t clutter up the release just because you have more options now. Less may not always be more, but you have to have a light touch with the bells and whistles.


All the social media tools in the world aren’t worth a thing if you have no way to measure your results. This is why analysis tools are such an important part of your social media plan. By understand what is moving you closer to your goals, you can make intelligent decisions about where to put your efforts based on that information.

The metrics you should be tracking can vary depending on the platform and your goals. However there are three major areas to start with:

  • relationships--followers, fans, subscribers
  • interactions--tweets, likes, comments
  • conversion--clickthroughs, shares, retweets

Remember to trust your results. There will be some room for interpretation but generally the actions that result in more relationships, more interactions, and a high conversion rate are the ones you should be focusing on. And the ones that don’t are the ones not earning their keep.