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Is social selling part of your sales and marketing go-to-market strategy?

So, why aren't sales teams using search and social networking in the same way to attract, interact and engage with prospects and customers to influence the buying process? The main reason is that sales and marketing aren't connected through the buying process. Often sales see prospecting, awareness and engagement the role of marketing. This outdated mind set prevents organisations becoming successful social businesses and creates an "us and them" culture, where teams are siloed rather than working together on the common goal of working in partnership to generate revenue. It is therefore imperative that sales and marketing are connected and work more closely together through the buying process. Gone are the days where marketing would prospect, qualify and pass leads to sales. Sales and marketing teams need to cooperate through the buying process to identify suspects, prospects and close deals together.

How do you connect sales and marketing? Well, the answer is simple make your employees socially savvy through a consistent go-to-market strategy, but in order to do this you need to connect your sales and marketing strategies through a clear go-to-market strategy and plan and develop a sales and marketing enablement programme that enables the team to utilise the digital channels to influence the buying process. Enabling your employees to be socially savvy helps sales and marketing to be present in the early stages of the buying process and work together cross functionally rather than in a siloed approach.

Most organisations have a sales enablement programme in place, but have failed to add social selling to this programme. Gartner says that those enterprises using social media beyond marketing during 2015 will lead their industries and disrupt the marketplace. So, what's stopping you from enabling your sales teams with social selling and leading your industry? Don't miss this opportunity to enable your team socially. If you don't start to utilise this medium your competitors and new entrants to the market will, they will start to prospect and target your install base and lead your marketplace. Start your social selling journey today to becoming a market leader by socially enabling your employees.

I'd be interested in hearing your experience of connecting sales and marketing. What have been your pain points? Have you socially enabled your sales and marketing teams? Have you added social selling to your sales enablement programme? If so, then share your experiences in the comments box below.

If not and you're interested in utilising digital marketing or social selling as part of your sales enablement programme, then get in touch with me to find out how to do this.

Thanks and happy social selling!