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Some Most Important SEO Aspects Your Whole SEO Strategy Depends On

If you are looking for business exposure on the internet, you will definitely come across the term SEO. We already know that SEO is directly responsible for the relationship between a website and search engines. The major search engines that are often addressed in professional SEO are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is the biggest search engine and virtually every SEO strategy is directed at improving website ranking for Google.

For any business that’s seeking online exposure, the most important thing is search engine optimization. For search engine optimization that really works for your website, you need to keep in mind some very important SEO aspects, which have been described below:


Keywords are the most important part of SEO. Online users search websites on search engines by entering certain queries. These queries are in the form of words – one, two or many. The job of professional SEOs is to find out the best keywords that describe your business. They have to know the most commonly used keywords that visitors enter on their search engines to find your business or businesses similar to you. Companies then place bids on these keywords too. Placing bids and getting your bids accepted means your ad will appear on top for a certain keyword but you have to pay some amount for this whole process.

The most relevant keywords to your business and the most productive ones need to be incorporated in your content. Content refers not only to the content on your website but also your blog content, press releases, articles and reviews. Keywords have to be used very wisely. Any over usage of keywords or an unnecessary use can result in Google penalties. Penalty from a search engine means your website is thrown out of search results or pushed way down under in search results.


You have to continuously create content and update the one that is already there in order to get your rankings improved on search engine results. Your website content is the primary content that should be rich in keywords but also informative for website visitors. Other content includes the posts that you write for your blog or guests posts for other blogs, articles you submit to article directories and images or videos. The more useful content you have on the internet the higher are the chances of your website getting to the top search results.

Mobile Friendliness

Users don’t access websites only from their desktop computers. In fact, more and more people are switching to mobile devices to open websites and do business. The more mobile friendly your website is the better your ranking will get in search results. When creating mobile websites you should ensure to lessen scrolling as much as you can. Furthermore, don’t make your website visitors click on your website’s little navigation tabs. Create the website in such a way that visitors find the most relevant information right on top. It is also recommended that you include the link to desktop version of the website on your mobile website.


No SEO can be successful without having a proper strategy for creating backlinks. Backlinks are the links that direct visitors from others websites to your website. You can get yourself backlinks through online networking with other websites. You get mentioned in posts on other blogs or your website’s link is hosted on another website through a relevant piece of content. However, if your backlinks are coming from websites with bad reputation your ranking will suffer. Broken links must also be avoided. There are several tools available that let you get information on your backlinks, the most disavowed links, etc.

Keywords In Tags

It is important that you introduce the most relevant keywords of your website pages in your tags. The title tag should be simple and contain a keyword that gives search engines an indication what the page is about. In a similar fashion, you would like to include keywords in your description and H1 tags. The use of keywords in these tags is a declaration to the search engine that your web page is about a particular keyword. Of course, you have to make sure that the content on these pages is fully relevant to the keywords you have mentioned in your tags.

Website Design And Code

Your website’s design and development are directly connected to your search engine optimization. The faster your website loads the higher it will be in the rankings. Similarly, your website’s design can also make it fast or slow. If there are heavy images on your website then it is going to take a lot of time in opening. The sitemap and internal link structure of your website should also contain no flaws. Furthermore, use Google Webmaster Tools in order to optimize your website and get information about factors that can help you in optimizing your website for Google.

Local SEO

Local SEO is the new concept but plays a huge role in bringing your website up in rankings. When you want high rankings on search engine you are competing against thousands of businesses located all around the world, but that’s not the case with local SEO. When you do local SEO you are only competing against local companies like you. Make sure you are signed up on Google’s local pages and that you are including correct contact information and physical address on every contact page of your website. It is important that you add geographic information on your web pages to appear on top in local search engine results.