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Some Serious Influence of SEO onthe Strategies of B2B Marketers

All B2B marketers have to spend 25% of their budget on content generation as well as on content promotion. The most important component of this B2B content marketing program is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The success of the B2B marketers depends on how they use SEO for promoting their content and drive sales. But a survey reports that many marketers are engaged in random content development. The whole idea of a cohesive strategy lacks in their content development efforts. The fact is B2B buyers find legitimacy if they see promising content. This means that efforts in content generation and development should be sincere.

Here are some ways through which the B2B marketers can create better content with the use of the right SEO strategies:

  • Content Quality Over Content Quantity

Remember this rule in content creation that quality always trumps quantity. Today, B2B buyers are not looking for contents that can offer merely surface level insights. They do not even need promotional content. The B2B buyers value such content that is based on some research, which provides them valued insight. While generating valued content, keyword research counts the most. All B2B marketers wish to use keywords to drive traffic but if you want good response from the target audience, then you must know what keywords can bring you more traffic.

  • Building Network Relations To Outreach Audience

There is no doubt that using the right content and placing it in the right position at your website matters a lot. Likewise, having avenues for reaching and distrusting the content also has the same importance.  Professional organizations of the highly rated online communities are the popular places where you can find information that can actually influence business and purchase decisions.  Relationship with such networks is going to get you exposure for finding more target market.

Emergence of B2B Marketing and Social Media

B2B marketing cycles revolve around content engagement using SEO as the essential component in targeting your audience. Social SEO must also be used as an opportunity for inspiring the buyers. It can help in getting information about buyers and their consumption habits that have been changed because of the influence of social technology.

Every consumer is now using the Google search along with social search for discovering content. 48 % consumers now purchase through a combination of the Google search as well as social media.  B2B marketers have to mold their search marketing programs according to the behavior of their target market.  It is time to experience with social media marketing in order to tap onto to the customers.  93% of the B2B companies are now using social media application along with SEO.

The B2B marketers need a holistic as well as integrated approach not only for content marketing and SEO but also for using social media to create a competitive edge and to  reach wider audiences.

The New SEO Trends Driving Content Creation

  • The Hummingbird Update

Every B2B marketer must be aligned with the search engine updates to make the most out of the opportunity. Google’s new search algorithm called Hummingbird has influenced the content development strategies of the marketers massively. The Hummingbird update is merely a response to the changing behavior of consumers while web searching.  According to this update, now the content creators need to understand the search patterns of the users or consumers first before they start working on developing content. Google has reported that question based search trends on the rise. The hummingbird update has been introduced to provide immediate answers to such questions. What marketers and content creators now need to do is to structure their content in such a way that it addresses the needs of the audience. They need to create content that focuses on HOW TO and IN WHAT WAYS. Such type of content is what users looking for.

  • Titles, Titles, And Titles

Whether it is about videos, posts, infographics, or any other kind of content, today if you want exposure, it’s better you name it. Give it catchy titles or headings to grab the attention of the user. The titles should include numbers such as top 10 ways to…, 5 steps for…, etc.

Readers are now looking for such engaging contents and make sure that you use number not words (5 not five).  Also, the title should include powerful words and adjectives such as killer, bleeding, dead, etc., as these words are great in catching the attention of users.

Hence, B2B marketers need to change their SEO techniques. Keep in mind that they certainly cannot gain more exposure without such techniques.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Muhammad Azam who is an SEO Expert and Social Media Marketing Expert. He has written number of blogs and user guides for Search engine Marketing and B2B marketing users. He also writes for which is a reliable company for internet marketing services. You can also follow him on twitter at aagohar for latest updates in the search engine marketing and other online marketing world.