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Sometimes it’s about more than the software

“For all the hard work and concentration,

The late calls and early mornings,

For the frustration,

For the consternation,

And for finally the resolution.

Many congratulations.”

The poem was well deserved as he had, as he regularly does, gone above and beyond the call of duty to help a client. Working early mornings, evenings and weekends can be difficult, and combined with a challenging set of circumstances; it is refreshing to see that his efforts were being acknowledged.

The poem got me thinking about the balance between software and people, or to put it differently, the human element behind the software. Software can be a solution. It can help people work more efficiently, allow them to achieve greater success and make their jobs easier and less stressful, but often what underpins a successful software solution is the support and communication that comes with it, and the willingness to help clients get the most from their investment. It’s not just about selling the software, the real value is understanding the client business and finding a solution to their problem, or at least helping them improve something or do something better. That’s the basis of any successful, long term commercial relationship. The first sale should only be the start of the relationship, not the end result.

At Eventsforce, we are justifiably proud of our cutting edge event management software, but from the early days, I always thought that there was more to a software business than just the software. As the business has grown, I’m pleased that the focus on the human element and the attention to detail, and service, that our clients deserve has not been lost. The poem shows that the team here share in this belief, and unlike the grey ‘summer’ skies we are enduring, this made me smile.