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The Sound of Sustainability

Summer is upon us. The season that brings sun, holidays, BBQs, and Wimbledon. Summer also opens up the music festival season to the hoards of music lovers travelling all over the country to see their favourite artists, whilst praying for clean kazis and a lack of rain. The toilets at this years Glastonbury had me thinking about the increasing emphasis on  the promotion of environmental well being and how greener can be better. So on that note, I’ve decided to compile a special music inspired blog to show you the different ways in which you can make your exhibition stand greener than a solar powered Ninja Turtle. Get a blast of these sustainable exhibition stand ideas:

Storage and Reusability

A few years ago, many custom-built exhibition stands were often used for just one show and would then end up in the skip after the show. However, in recent times more and more exhibitors are opting for the design of a stand that can be reassembled over a programme of multiple shows, and easily broken down and stored when it is not needed. By doing this companies can maintain the qualities that come with a bespoke exhibition stand, while keeping costs of new design and build down and keeping waste levels down to a minimum.


A simple way of limiting the environmental impact of your stand comes in the choice of materials you use in the design. For example, using recycled or recyclable wood and decreasing the amount of printed material on your stand are both great ways to improve your green credentials. Other materials such as aluminium are starting to be used by exhibitors as a greener alternative.

Also consider the lighting on your stand and the amount of electricity you use. Choose low-energy lighting combined with light dispersing fabrics to limit not only the energy your stand uses, but also your energy bill!


The flooring of stands has often been a big contributor to waste, with miles of carpet being binned after a short use at shows, which could otherwise be recycled. Another popular and more environmentally friendly flooring option is the use of flooring tiles which can be made from an array of materials and easily stored and reused multiple times. You can also find plenty more innovative floor ideas here.


Appear more socially and environmentally responsible to your visitors with the freebies that you give away on your stand. Instead of branded plastic carrier bags for instance, why not make them out of cotton? Cotton is more gentle on the environment and is likely to be reused, meaning your branding will be seen for longer and outside of the exhibition hall. You can also reduce the amount of physical literature you supply on the stand by making promotional material and information available through emails or downloadable phone apps.

Modular Displays

Modular displays may lack the uniqueness that is associated with custom build stands, but they are fast becoming a popular choice amongst many exhibitors. There are many benefits that can come from choosing a modular exhibition stand that extend further than just environmental. With ever more innovative designs becoming available, and as an official distributor of Tecna modular display systems Envisage can help you to find the perfect design to suit your specific exhibiting goals.

Modular stands can be easily transported in a hard travel case, which eliminates the need for a van or truck. And with their intuitive construction system, modular displays are so easy to put together that even Frank Spencer would fancy his chances.

Made by using lightweight and environmentally friendly materials, these stands are ideal for multiple usages over a programme of events and limit the amount of waste and logistical costs that come with other stands. The fact that graphic panels make up the aesthetics of the stand mean that replacing them is simple and cost effective, meaning that refreshing the image of your stand is always a readily available option.

Rick Hewitt is Marketing and Graphics Assistant at Envisage