Stay close to your clients this Christmas and into the New Year

The festive season is traditionally a time to catch up with friends and family to reflect on the last 12 months and make plans and promises for the year ahead. That said, this doesn’t mean that clients should be neglected from this process and certainly not at this time of year! Whilst many of us will be taking some time away from work over Christmas, there’s no reason why the sentiment applied to friends and family shouldn’t be extended to your customers. 

Remaining close to your clients at Christmas is critical if you’re going to maintain a strong relationship into 2016 and beyond. For retail and brand clients in particular, the Christmas season is their busiest and most competitive, so reminding them that you’re on their side is invaluable. With that in mind, here are some suggestions on how you can ensure your clients feel loved this December and why businesses should be thinking well beyond a perfunctory e-card.

Be your clients’ senses

During the intensity of Christmas, your clients are likely to be focused on their campaigns, instead of keeping a watchful eye on what their competitors are doing. You and your teams can really support them by taking an interest in the market, and tracking what you’re seeing in the field, both in store and online. Be their eyes and ears. Don’t be scared to make suggestions for improvements and highlight what competitors are doing. For the more nimble clients who are able to make changes quickly, this awareness could prove hugely valuable for their ROI this December.

 Make their lives easier

Whilst you should be constantly striving to make your clients’ lives easier, in December this becomes more important than ever. With teams under more pressure, due to larger campaigns and the race to secure the year-end revenue, usual priorities or ways of working can slip. Clients should always be treated as though they are new and therefore made to feel special. There may be a wind-down during Christmas, but that doesn’t mean you should become lazy or neglectful. Keep communication channels open so clients are reminded they have support behind them. It’ll make the return to work far more positive in January. 

Keep a record of everything

Insight and data are vital! Keeping a record of everything is important for analysis, to provide understanding into successes and where improvements or changes should be made next time. As we all know, 12 months pass very quickly, and it will be Christmas 2016 before you know it. Save yourself and your clients a headache next year and prove yourself an invaluable long-term partner.

Think beyond December

Yes, for the next two weeks it’s all about Christmas and the New Year, but don’t forget to plan beyond this. Show your customers you’re committed to the partnership by planning for what comes after the dust has settled on the festive season. A new year is a great opportunity to refocus and re-energise your relationships. It’s a chance to challenge, excite and present ideas that will remind them why you’re working together in the first place. A brilliant way to embark on a successful 2016!