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Steps To Solve B2B Issues of Your Salesforce Team

The buying power of the CRM (customer relationship management) and the marketing automation process presently stay with the sales team and not with the individuals. The budget for a perfect B2B sales powerhouse cannot be determined in advance as many people are involved in the selection process. The Salesforce ant migration toolkit can be used for focusing on the individuals and their ideas through developing projects in the particular test environment. Without any qualified leads, the sales team will waste their valuable time by informing wrong prospects. So here are some ways to resolve the issues:

Step 1: Create Leads from CRM’s Management: According to a recent study, it has been observed that 65 % of the B2B companies do not maintain a proper lead nurturing process. With the overcrowded CRM systems, the team eventually ends up in storing the data in the spreadsheets. Some smart Salesforce software like migration toolkit can easily be used to enhance the performance of lead nurturing. It helps to keep a track record of all your leads and forecast all your activities with more confidence. The social media and the lead generating activities will improve the sales performance. Regular quarterly or monthly reports should be generated to measure the performance.

Step 2: Integrate CRM with Marketing Automation Tool: In this stage, the marketing automation tool can easily be integrated with the CRM. The effective lead process can be acquired by presenting proper information to the sales team. Both the automation tool and the CRM combine to a single system to perform a proper framework for the lead generation activities. They can be used as the analytics or the elements can be customized for targeting suitable audiences.

Step 3: Prepare Real Time Insights: Different real time applications have been launched for informing the sales team with instant alerts. The team can easily obtain the status and the activities of the lead from the alerts. You can even track the individuals who have gone through your mails as long as you use the Chrome browser. The sales professional can easily track whether the customer is changing his requirement of job profile in the linkedIn and updating his current skills and positions, whether a new lead has been generated through your website or not.  Therefore the team can easily be aware whether the leads are matching the requirements or not and then act accordingly.

So a B2B sales team being a part of the organizational strategy should focus on the lead nurturing process. Online communities can be created keeping the niche focus in mind. The system engineers and the product managers can directly connect with the salesforce team with the help of the marketing automation tool. The communities can be well organized with the posts of the recent topics. This will help the members to join the group discussion within the own community of the organization instead of going to some external communities.

The social media activities can perform the role of a platform where new leads can be generated. For measuring the return on investments the organization can use various products for tracking the original source and the sales conversions. The strong content strategy of the social media accounts can help the interested members to distribute them among the others. Trial and error method can be used to check whether the content is attracting more leads to the organization or not. It can be observed whether the prospects are turning into the customers or not. So the B2B sales force team can train their employees for assessing the salesforce community as well as to be proactive in the online communities.