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‘Stick to your knitting!’

The simplest rule to creating content your audience will engage with is sticking to what you know best.

It sounds simple, but it's a common mistake. In fact, if your content is targeting small businesses it's a very common mistake.

When it comes to creating great content that your audience will engage with, we're all taught to think of our audience, their pain points and how we can help solve their problems. It’s great so many people do just that but with small businesses having many varied pain points, it can be easy to get carried away.

You only have to put yourself in the shoes of an SME business for a moment and have a quick look online to find that you will be overwhelmed by advice on starting up, how to run a successful business, tips for growing your business, advice on how to be entrepreneurial, how to make profit, how to innovate, how to lead, how to prevent burn out…the list goes on.

It’s not just the saturation of content that is a key issue, it’s whom it’s coming from. This wealth of advice is coming from accountants, lawyers, technology partners, software suppliers, insurance companies, publishers, stationery suppliers…. again the list goes on.

This is when ‘sticking to your knitting’ becomes so relevant. What’s key to small businesses is not only that you’re providing great content, but also that your advice is trustworthy and that it’s based on your area of expertise. It might sound simple but what business owners really need is accounting advice from accountants, legal advice from lawyers and technology advice from technology partners.

It’s not just advice they need; to make content really fly they need valuable insight, useful facts and ideally a checklist of things to watch out for or consider, that only you, as the experts know.

Sounds simple, but have you been sticking to your knitting?

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