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Stop sharing

When it comes to social media there is a tendency to overshare, whether it’s friends on Facebook insisting on informing you of their every move, or brands sharing identical content across all platforms. Oversharing can be a massive problem for brands, losing them credibility and with it potential customers.

As a result, marketers need to tailor their company updates to each platform. Yes, this may mean less updates, but does not necessarily mean less views, followers or traffic. For example, Twitter is a perfect channel to share news, infographics and video; whereas LinkedIn is great for sharing research and reports.

This works in practice. In November B2B Marketing shared over 50 updates on our LinkedIn Company Page, which included news, blogs and whitepapers. In March we only shared seven pieces of premium content and received as many new followers and views. This shows sharing the right content is worth it.

Don’t become that oversharing friend that people are forced to hide from their timeline. Consider what content works and where before your next status update.