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Stop Telling These 2 Lies If You Want To Grow Your Business

Its ok to make excuses for things you dont want to do. Everyone does it. But these excuse we tend to make in our personal lives grow and become a part of us. They become a part of our nature and are imbibed in us. So we start making such excuses in our professional lives as well. Ever said to yourself , what will a blog post do as no one reads my blog , or like your competitors are not active on social platforms why should u .

Trying something you haven't tried before helps innovation grow within you. You lose the fear of trying new things without being in fear if it would succeed . You actually wont know it unless you try. Now in this article we shall discuss about 2 lies which most of mid size business owners keep telling themselves and why you should Stop Telling These 2 Lies If You Want To Grow Your Business. These marketing lies are like the chains holding you back from growing , holding you back from thinking outside the box , limiting your reach.

1.Running a blog wont help your business to grow so why spend time updating it :  If you have been saying this to yourself , you have been missing out on a lot of business opportunity. A blog is the best way to engage your audience , reach out to more number of potential customers, increase marketing awareness, builld a brand name and increase your growth rate. A blog with lots of useful content will give you a boost in terms of increasing your conversion rate. It gives you a chance to build your reputation as a industry leader in the market. Creating interesting and useful content to which people would link back naturally would give your business a much required boost. 

The average company that blogs gets:
55% more visitors
97% more inbound links
434% more indexed pages

You can check the complete post on Hubspot.
To prove my point above here is a example : I work for a Inside Sales Company which offers Demand Generation, Appoinment Generation , Lead Generation as a service . Now the website was decent but there was no work done on the company blog. No efforts to make the blog engaging , reach out to people to increase brand awareness and no efforts around content marketing. Keeping all these in focus I started updating the blog regualry and linking back to various other big blogs in same niche and also to our main website pages increasing interlinking. Over a peroid of time the engagement on the blog started increasing , traffic rose , and so did the " NO OF INCOMING BUSINESS LEADS ". Placing the contact us form on all the pages of a website helped . It takes time, its not a one day effort , its a dynamic process over a peroid of time. But eventually you are doing this for the long run and it will help your business to grow. To know more about how this blog helped us to increase the rankings and enagagement on one of the most important services pages on our website click here .


2. Being active on Social Media wont help : This lie you keep telling yourself just because you feel your target market must not be active on social platform. Internet is moving towards visual platforms, then how can you underestimate the power of platforms like Pinterest and Instagram . Moreover twitter, linkedin, facebook can help you increase your online community and help you connect with your potential audeince in a way no other platform can. Why do you think big marketing companies like Eloqua , Marketo, Salesforce have dedicated teams taking care of their social media interaction round the clock. Their has to be a reason for it . A dedicated communtiy helps , you get to understand thei requirements , you get to engage them . A happy customers is more valuable then 10 not so satisfied customers. Nothing travels like the word of mouth. 

So these two important marketing lies are what is holding you back. Stop making excuses and start managing some time to be active on social platforms and blogging to put your thoughts out there. This will surely help you to grow into the committed business owner you always wanted to be.