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STOP (thinking about Google)! It's Hammer Time!

B2B marketers will soon have to rethink their search strategy, with the announcement that MC Hammer is launching a new search engine...

The 90s rapper, responsible for anthems such as ‘U can’t touch this’ and ‘Too legit to quit,’ launched his new venture at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

Named Wiredoo, Hammer’s new search engine is based around the concept of deeper, or relationship, search, which seeks to explore keyword boundaries to produce more intuitive results.

Hammer is not alone in thinking the future of search may play out along these lines; much of Microsoft's thought on improving search echoes these sentiments.

Speaking in San Francisco, unfortunately sporting decidedly more sedate trousers than he used to wear at the height of his fame, Hammer said, “This is not a competitive attempt to recreate search.

“We don’t really need just another search engine, but if something adds value then why not?”

The service is in pre-beta stage but interested parties can register their curiosity on the site’s holding page. I have signed up and I hope you will too.

Have your say: do you think this is going to be a revolution in search marketing?