Stupid Marketing!

Some things make me crazy, and some make me wonder. There are many things in Marketing that are seem very stupid to me. 

At one end of the spectrum, there is the shed/portakabin you often see at building site outside the showhome and in big letters it says "Marketing Suite"!   Utterly stupid. It should be stopped immediately. It is a Sales Office... The people in there have business cards with "sales" in the job title.  And it's where the selling happens.

At the other end of the spectrum is marketing metrics on everything, everywhere, all the time. This is also (becoming) very stupid. I've seen many marketing functions over-analysing and under-performing at the same time.  I am not letting it creeping in here either.  The point is this - things have changed with this recession and we need to come right back to 1st base and start again with metrics aligned to keeping the company moving forward, profitably. 

Shorter dashboards, better alignment with Finance and Ops, think like an Investor & CEO and measure what really matters. Not everything. Not now.