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Summer time and the weather is...fine?

It’s summer, and in case the big yellow ball in the sky is hiding behind a rain cloud, the cover of this July/August issue should be vibrant enough to get you in the mood for summer. 

July Aug cover

Whether you’re leaving England in search of a country with more reliable seasons or sticking it out and hoping the sun will last, you’ll probably need a book to help you while away those holiday hours. And I’m not one to present a problem without a solution, so over the last couple of months we asked some of you to read a selection of books and let us know what you thought of them.

Before you buy your holiday reading, have a look and see if there’s a book that could help with the marketing issue you’re struggling with. Whether it’s apps, content marketing, crowd sourcing or your marketing plan that could use some work, we’ve got a book that may help.

Alternatively, if books are a little too heavy for your case, you can always use the free wifi and access the website for all our latest features.

We’ve made an effort to dig a little deeper around two new topics B2B marketers are coming up against: Vine and sales enablement. The former is the six-second video platform from Twitter. If you follow us on Twitter (@marketingb2b) you would have seen us experimenting with the medium. You’d be surprised at what you can get into six seconds. It’s also useful for internal engagement; have a look at ours and you might see a cameo from some of the editorial staff. The feature goes into more detail on who is using it, what it’s being used for and what the opportunities are for B2B marketers.

The latter topic, sales enablement, is also explained in our feature. We’ve defined it for you and can reveal how it has the potential to be the missing link between sales and marketing. What better time to befriend your eternal foe than the summer months when everyone’s mood is lifted by the good weather?