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Surprise pitches at events are annoying, experts have warned

Speakers who conduct sales pitches at events after claiming they won't are starting to grind delegates' gears, according to experts.

In a poll of every single B2B marketer, 100 per cent indicated they would be 'less likely' or 'no more inclined' to purchase from a business that pitch products and services to captive audiences after specifically saying otherwise.

The study was catapulted into action after an otherwise star-studded and well-catered event was soured by commercial activity.  

Disgruntled delegate and Danish pastry enthusiast, Joanne Pearce, explains: 'After a lovely lunch we were all treated to a surprised speech from ex-fireman and Big Brother 3 runner-up Jonathan "Jonny" Regan, which was just marvellous. 

"But then the hosting company attempted to flog us something trivial like software!

"It made poor Jonny look right out of place."

In an attempt to stop further ineffectual pitching and audience jading, experts suggest an open book policy which outlines a designated 'pitch point'.

They said:  "Speakers should prepare their audiences in advance of the pitch, which should be held at the end of the presentation.

"Not unlike the final 10 minutes of a David Attenborough documentary when viewers are welcomed behind-the-scenes and treated to the unveilling of an impressive cinematographic process."