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Surprising Business Marketing Trends to be witnessed in 2013

The month of January is the month to foresee future business forecasts. You might not find this to be very inspiring, yet you hope to see some change from the previous year. This year 2013 has departed from the usual trend of business marketing and has brought some enthusing and refreshing changes. Like all other business years, new things have emerged and old things have undergone certain changes.

Some of the unanticipated marketing trends that witnessed in the current year are provided below. Let’s take a look at the current trend of business marketing for 2013.

Smarter Use of Social Media

Social media has created a significant impact on business for quite a few years. Every business tries to make a dynamic presence across all social media platforms. By now, it is pretty clear that social networking sites will never be static. Conducting through social media involves greater engagement of the prospective customers and clients. This year business houses seem to be more confident about using the social media platforms.

What is wanted of the business entrepreneurs is smarter use of the sites by judging which site to approach and which social media is most suited for their business. This will ultimately result in greater returns on their investment on all aspects.

Simplicity will be the Supreme Authority

People and business enterprises are seem to have exhausted with the “Gangnam Style”. This has resulted in overstimulation. However, marketing strategies are expected to simpler in nature. This doesn’t mean that there will be less of promotion. This rather implies that now business houses will promote services and goods for simplifying the life of their consumers.

No More of Campaign-based Marketing

Marketing strategy means it has to be conducted through a campaign but this is only true in theory. In practice, this doesn’t work out much since conducting marketing activities basing on one single theme focuses mainly on the company and on the customer’s timeline. Customer engagement was secondary in business marketing all these days. But now, this trend is changing and customers have become the prime mode of attention for the businesses.

Business marketing through social media will be the latest trend where customers will have full participation. This will ideally lead to effective business.

Marketing will be for Revenue Generation

Research has proved that marketing effectively leads to generation of revenue. If you can market your name and product effectively, you will see a high rising graph in your revenue. In 2013, business owners will be following this trend and try to boost up the sales growth. This can result in bringing a change to the key indicators of marketing.

These trends are to be noticed in business for his current year. Businesses, whether small or the big industries will now see a better prospective and brighter side.  

Conclusion: - Business marketing is no longer limited to the conventional mode of advertisements. With the advancement of technology, marketing has become pretty easier. Now brands and companies get recognized by common man very easily. Everything is in their fingertips. Thanks to the advent to the mobile devices that have made such easier.

Author’s Bio: Alex Mathew is a proficient author writing articles on Industry and its business. He has contributed on Industrial products based topics Odour Control Systems.