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Team Building 101 For Your Marketing Department

One of the keys to entrepreneurial success is to integrate your employees into one cohesive team. With a group of employees that see themselves as a team, you can take your business to heights you never would have been able to reach on your own.


Marketing department is on of the major and important department of your company. They are responsible for getting new client and promote your business.  Before you start looking for new people to fill out your team, you have to decide what type of people you need on that team in the first place. Take a good look at your own skills and figure out the areas in which you are the most lacking. Then seek out the people who have those skills that you need or want to work with.


It’s important to find people who actually believe in what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Yes, a paycheck is a good motivator, but someone who truly believes in your goals will work harder and be more dedicated toward those end goals than someone who is simply on hand to punch a clock.


Perhaps most importantly, a good team is one that works well together so you’ll need to begin building yours by finding people whose personalities complement each other. Putting too many of the same personality types together might seem like a good idea but before long your team members will be competing against each other for attention, affection, sales, etc.


Finding people and hiring them is just one part of creating a team. A team—a real team as opposed to a group of people who are independent of each other—is one that works well together. It is a group of people who have bonded and who trust each other. They don’t have to be best friends but they do need to feel invested in each others’ successes.  So how do you do that?


1. Looks Matter.

 It probably sounds stupid but when your team is first getting to know each other, doing something small or silly to help them look alike is a great way to really cement the “team” idea in their heads. For example, you can have everybody wear the same hat or an apron. You can have shirts printed up at with the company logo and each person’s name printed on it. This, incidentally, can also be helpful as your team members work to get to know each other.


2. Ice Breakers 

You know those stupid games you had to play as a kid during the first few days of camp or during orientation events at school (even in college)? They actually do serve a purpose. Ice breaking exercises help the members of your team get to know each other a little bit. If nothing else, it allows them to bond through their shared hatred of ice breaker exercises.


3. Fun 

Get the team together outside of work. Take your team out to dinner or to a movie. These things also work well as incentive for your team to work together to reach a goal (the dinners, movies, trips to wherever can be rewards for goal accomplishments). Getting to know each other outside of work helps them feel more bonded at work.


Building a cohesive and successful team can be tricky. You want people who will work well together and who actually enjoy accomplishing the goals you set for them. It might take you a few tries to put together a good team but don’t worry—you’ll get there!