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Tech Brands ... Identity or Communication?

Considering just how "young" some tech brands are, so many of them seems wedded to the very classic form of branding which is plainly just about "identity". 

I know that it's important, but it ignores the ease, value and dominance of digital (in all its forms) and how it brings a brand to life!   Surely tech brands should be at the forefront of this shifting from classical identity to progressive, communication, iconography??

We all see Google really pushing the boundaries on days when their logo adapts to a major world/local event, but should the rest of us stay so far behind the line? With brand valuation (either via GAP or ISO 10668 methods) giving us the potential to create an asset for the company with meaningful value... then why aren't we investing in more progressive treatments?  I'm really digging into this right now and I have to say that I am inspired by the potential, but am I alone?   If you're moving to progressive communication with your brand, tell me, show me... it would be equally inspiring and comforting!!