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Ten Examples of 3D Business Cards

With advances in technology making their presence felt across various sectors of everyday life and business, it was only a matter of time before...

With advances in technology making their presence felt across various sectors of everyday life and business, it was only a matter of time before it infiltrated the world of business cards. 3D business cards are, perhaps, the latest phenomenon. So what are the best examples?

Business cards have always had a functional purpose – to promote your company, products and services to potential clients and business contacts.

1: Metal Magic

Three dimensional business cards don’t have to be made of card! These metal masterpieces by Macnet demonstrate how 3D effects can be created with ease, and most importantly, style. These business cards are sure to make an impact at any corporate event and could really help you stand out from the crowd.


2: 3D Panels

For those interested in the traditional paper and card route, 3D panels are a great way to inject an extra dimension into your business promotions. 3D panels are a simple and cost effective solution to creating 3D business cards. These cards from Austin Walsh are a perfect example.

3: Creative Crafting

Crafting can be as creative as you like, so why let dimensions act as a boundary? The use of embellishments and extra decorative additions can help to transform your business cards into great three dimensional advertisements. show us how it’s done with this stunning example.

4: Textured Embossing

Another great, and affordable, way to make your business cards three dimensional is by embossing the lettering in order to create a unique texture. The writing can either be imprinted or raised above the surface according to your preference. This example by Justin Anonuevo demonstrates the idea perfectly.

5: Hand Made Masterpieces

Hand made business cards don’t necessarily have to be made by your hands – so why not think of some great and innovative three dimensional designs?

‘Pop out’ 3D images are a great way to create an interesting and striking look – as shown in these cards by Nate Bishop.


6: 3D Folding

3D images don’t have to be on the outside of your business card but can be on the inside too! Utilising a folded, pop-up design is a great way to grab someone’s attention with an innovative card.

7: Elaborate Designs

Three dimensional business cards don’t have to stick to established formats such as having the 3D element on only one aspect.

This great bird design from Sara Mantle implements three dimensional innovations across the entire card, creating a stunning business card.

8: 3D Lettering

One of the most striking ways to implement 3D styles into your business cards is through the lettering. 3D wording on your card can help to emphasise certain details and is demonstrated perfectly in this example from Super Capacity.

9: Textured Design

Textured designs help to propel your business cards into the three dimensional world.

 The use of different textures can help to add a three dimensional element whilst also adding extra textures for those handling the cards.

This great textured example demonstrates the idea perfectly.


10: 3D Materials

Of course, textured designs can also use different, three dimensional, materials. We’ve already seen fantastic metal business cards, but what about wood? These beautiful cards from Fifth Floor feature a cut out design which gives the business card a distinctive three dimensional feel.


This article was written by Marcus Taylor, founder of The Musician's Guide, a website helping musicians market their music.