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Ten new media tools not to ignore

Here are 10 new media tools, some of which have been around just as long as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you don’t know about them already, then perhaps it’s time that you do.

1. Prezi
PowerPoint presentations can easily become tedious and dry, especially if they are too text heavy, poorly paced and missing graphics. Prezi helps liven up presentations and really takes the PowerPoint concept to the next level.

2. Critical Mention
Monitor what people are saying about you on social media with Critical Mention. This is a broadcast monitoring platform that allows you to keyword search through thousands of hours of television and radio programming in real-time and easily create clip reports.

With all of the work you’re already doing on Facebook and Twitter, why not leverage those efforts by creating a polished newsletter through and building a subscriber base for your news.

4. Dropbox
With everyone talking about working in “the cloud”, having access to all of your documents stored in one place (Dropbox) and accessible via the internet makes document sharing easy.

5. Technorati
Technorati is one of the most well-know blog directories online and has become the place to go to when seeking out relevant blogs by tag or keyword.

6. Yammer
For corporate community building, Yammer is the place to be. This is a great tool for internal relations and for sharing fun news and projects with your coworkers. It is a great resource for building and managing a strong corporate culture.

7. Remote Desktop Protocol for iPad
We live in a mobile world. Impress your clients and friends by wirelessly connecting your desktop screen view from your computer to your iPad.

8. Wordle
Build custom tag clouds. This is a great resource to create a quick and meaningful visual for presentations, or to serve as an infographic. The Wordle included below is created from the text on the Aspectus website.


9. Topsy
Topsy allows you to search and visualize momentum on Twitter and (now) Google+. As these other social media grow in relevance, this search tool will become increasingly important.

10. Skype
For an international company like Aspectus, Skype is invaluable for real time contact across offices. I would also have been completely lost without Skype’s unlimited monthly calling and a wireless hot spot when rescheduling flights, courtesy of hurricane Irene.