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Texas gets tech at SXSW

Five years ago Twitter launched at the South by Southwest festival. And, taking place this week, SXSW is once again expected to provide the launch pad for the next big thing…

Regardless of the individuals plying their trade under its umbrella, the world of B2B marketing isn’t particularly noted for its overly swift adoption of new fangled technology.

And to a certain extent this isn’t a bad thing; for every twitter and Facebook, there are several flocks of lame ducks. But it can do no harm to keep one eye on the future.

Populated by tech hungry early-adopters, SXSW is the must-attend event for developers looking to generate that little bit of extra publicity needed to help their creations appeal to the masses.

There will undoubtedly be some very useful/fun/ingenious/exciting/potentially world changing launches at the event.

But my question is: ‘do you want or need more new apps, platforms and programmes?’ 

Are you suffering from technology overload?
Or, like me, are you excited to see what’s coming next?