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Thanks to you for our first 10 years of success

It’s a big year for B2B Marketing – we've just published our tenth anniversary issue (June 2014). Ten years in business is a major anniversary, which we’re delighted to be celebrating. Like any independent startup, when we launched, survival (let alone success) was no means assured – quite the opposite in fact. It was a highly competitive market to enter.

Allied to that, five years in, there was the small matter of the credit crunch to contend with, which fundamentally changed the marketing world and eradicated many of our revenue streams. We had to reinvent the business to survive, but we emerged stronger, more focused and (we believe) better aligned with our market than before – Darwinism in action, you might say.

Of course, evolution is a constant process, and it’s certainly ongoing. To stand still is to stagnate and ultimately risk extinction – complacency is not an option. So we’re working hard to maintain development, to be more responsive to the needs of practitioners, and to enable B2B marketers and brands to be even more effective and more successful.

But while we’re focused on the future of B2B marketing, we’re hugely conscious of where we came from and the role that the industry played in supporting and nurturing us, both upon our launch, and ever since. If B2B marketers hadn’t valued what we were doing, and believed in us, we would be just another failed media brand.

So our huge thanks to everyone who has contributed, in whatever small or large way, to our success – from those who have simply read our content, right up to those who have invested financially in our success, and everything in between. We hope we’ve repaid your faith and have helped make your working lives better to some degree.

Finally, here’s to the future, and the next 10 years. I don’t believe they can be as tumultuous as the last 10, but I’m eager to see what they have in store for the industry, and determined that whatever they throw up, we’ll be here along the way to inform, engage, enlighten and (who knows) even entertain you.