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That's how we roll...

"Hello. We are SameCorp. We're just like SaneCorp and BlandCorp, and we follow the model set up 73 years ago by the now famous SimilarCo. Buy our stuff - it's the same - so familiar, but slightly better!"

Is that compelling you to buy? I hope not. I admit I'm exaggerating, but I hope you see my point. Being different is not just a coincidence for any business - it's a result (hopefully) of hard work, sweat, innovation, analysis, thought and focused effort. It takes hard work to differentiate yourself.

But then you go and blow it...

By being the same as everyone else in your colours, your logo, your lame strapline and your insistence on appearing in the same places, and in the same way as everyone else, saying much the same thing as them.

Stop that. Be different. Then people can choose you. Because they can see you. 


David Petherick seems familiar as Head of Digital at EnergySys, but is a twit at @petherick and @clarocada