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Is there any particular reason why all of the bloggers on the B2B Marketing website are men?

I was thinking about writing my next blog for the boys at B2B. Looking through the various blogs, I suddenly realized that it is just that - “The Boys”. 

So, is it just that the voices and faces of B2B agencies tend to be men? Are the women of the industry the quiet unsung heroes? The only tool I could find to measure this (and prove me right or wrong) was the Forrester Groundswell which profiles Social Media contributors.

(Although the data is consumer) it does seem that, in the UK, men contribute more than women. In the US, women contribute more. 

A quick flick to the blog page and again all men except for the agony aunt. Looking at the Wall Street Journal in the US, they seem to have a good mix of male and female writers   

Is this because women in the UK talk so much offline, and maybe as men we feel the need to express ourselves in writing? Do women not see the value or are they not being given the opportunity within B2B?

I suppose the next step would be for someone to actually look at this in some detail, including the client side, but I will leave that to Forrester, Jupiter or Joel.