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Is There Any SEO Opportunity for the B2B in Organizational Acquisitions and Mergers?


With mergers and company acquisitions being the trend nowadays, there is need for any search marketers to learn to adapt to the new ‘boss’ while also helping this new entity retain the benefits gained through the many efforts that were put in within the search marketing campaigns. In any case, imagine if a company which acquires another simply throws out the existing website where millions of dollars were invested in marketing, would that be a wise move for them? This is why the B2B has to be ready and well equipped.

Although in most cases many acquisitions are for smaller companies, SEO efforts cannot be ignored. Below are a few considerations that these SEO service providers and search marketer B2Bs should consider so as to retain and grow the organic search engine presence even after such moves.

Understand SEO Role in the Mergers and Acquisitions

To start with, you should identify and understand the SEO input and value that is incorporated in these transactions. Simply put, any acquired organization will have some search equity level. There is bound to be some inbound links for their website and even mentions across the various social networks, meaning quite an impacted search history.

Identifying these benefits will lead to an informed redirect of the acquired web properties to the new destination via a site migration. You will be able to easily migrate the keyword visibility and performance, content marketing assets and performance, and the inbound link profile of these newly acquired organizations to the new host.

Action Items and Best Practices during Merger

During this acquisition process, you also need to take care of a few items in the different stages of the merger. This should also be done in an above the board manner that ensures that no SEO benefits are lost. Below is a brief of the three stages to consider.

a)      The Pre-Launch Activities

Just before the acquisition deal goes through, you should prepare for the expected transition of the site. Map the entire site’s URLs as well as register with the webmaster tools in Google and Bing. This prepares you for the migration.

b)      During the Launch

During the acquisition period, you should be available to test the 301 redirects especially for the priority pages. This is on top of comparing the results to the mapping documentation you made. You will also be there to quickly resolve the few hiccups that may arise.

c)       Post Launch

Once the assets have been transferred, you should then submit the new sitemap to the leading search engines so that they are crawled as soon as possible.

This simple preparation and planning ensures a successful transfer of the site’s assets to the new owner with no or minimized loss of traffic and sales.