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There’s No ‘I’ in ‘Team’

This could be for anything from winning an Oscar to gaining political office to winning a sporting event such as the recent German Grand Prix. One thing all of these speeches have in common is that they all take great pains to stress that their triumph is not solely down to themselves, but is also due to their supporting team. Now of course there is an element of having to say what is expected of them, and no doubt actors, politicians and sports people may well be amongst the most narcissistic elements of society, but the element of truth here cannot be ignored. How can the politician succeed without his campaign staff and supporters, the actress without the supporting cast, make-up and wardrobe and the F1 driver without the hundreds of technicians and engineers that support him?

In business it’s no different. Our triumphs are rarely the result of an individual acting entirely in isolation. The salesperson may sign the deal but would this deal have even been possible without the support of their marketing, technical and administration departments?

For busy Event Management professionals, it may sometimes seem that they are indeed working on their own or with very little support. When times are tough they may question where their team is and how it is helping them. At times like this it may help to redefine what ‘team’ is. Team doesn’t have to be the people sitting around you, it can just as easily be a software solution designed specifically to help you create, construct, manage and analyse your events. When backed up with a great support network and training designed to help you get the most out of a solution, event management software can be, and often is, a critical success factor for events of any size. With the right event management software all you need to do is sit back, receive the adulation and start writing your acceptance speech.