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There's no need to fear the 'M' word...

An article last week on Marketing Land highlighted this, and suggested three ways of moving from simply creating content to demonstrating content performance in 2015:

1.       Target demand

In order to receive better converting site visitors, you’ll need to target demand using data, combined with an understanding of your audience. So as well as defining the customer and their needs, it also requires quantitative research – using reliable analytics that tell you what your target audience is searching for.

2.       Content optimisation

Of course, Google is becoming smarter as the years go by, but that doesn’t mean you should stop optimising your content at the time of creation. This will ensure it’s being found for the search terms your audience enters. Simple on-page optimisation tactics helps tell Google and other search engines what your content is really about.

3.       Measure results

It’s vital to know how effective your content is. How will you know if it’s working otherwise? In order to do this, you will need to set KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for every distribution channel. Make sure the analytics are measuring not just the KPIs, but also how each channel is contributing to leads and conversions.

Failing to measure content performance can result in a number of things – from targeting the wrong audience to creating content that is unengaging and useless to anyone who reads it. Are you going to make 2015 the year that you understand how your all-important content is performing and how it’s helping you reach your business goals?