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They ‘Liked’ you, but do they really “LIKE YOU” like you?

Just in time for Valentine’s Day:

A Japanese bra company just came out with a concept brassiere that contains a built-in heart monitor and works with a smartphone App. It transmits data using a Bluetooth connection, indicating if the wearer is in love. A light on the clasp then glows pink and bra clasp only opens if the wearer is in love!

Bear with me here.

Don’t you wish you could tap into your fan’s feelings and opinions regarding your brand using a wearable technology? Do their hearts go pitter-patter when they visit you? Are they stimulated? Or amused? Are they satisfied?

It’s about time you ask them.  -Because they might just not know how to express themselves without a little prompting.

Why oh why?

Fact is, we’re not tapped into our user’s heartbeats. We can’t measure their love for us through any physical device.

Website and social analytics software gives us a lot of basic information about our fans. How old are they? Did they stay and explore? AM or PM? Do they speak English? How often do they visit? Did they make it via a search, or a referral?

But none of this information tells us what they’re thinking. Their vital statistics and behavior only tell half the story.

What if you ask them? 

Most people cannot answer the question “Why?” when it comes to their feelings and actions in real life or online; that is, until you ask them in a way that helps them respond, a way that makes them trust you and makes it easy for them to answer your questions.

If only it was impossible to capture the heartbeat of a client in real time while they’re visiting your social networks, or your web site, it is possible to frame questions in a way that will reveal this information.

Do you love me?

Have you asked them: “Do you love me?” They might not know what to say with that loaded a question. What about asking, “Does your heart beat faster when I stand close to you?” You might well get an answer.

It’s the same when you phrase questions to your fans. You want to ask them something they can respond to, and something that makes them know that you want to build a relationship with them, that you care.

The Right Questions, The Right Reactions

There’s a science behind that.  Many companies are working towards coming up with the right questions.

A company called iPerceptions Inc., specializes in combining data collection with stuff like customer feedback, thank you cards and smart survey integration. The software helps determine client perceptions beyond “Likes”. By analyzing forms, media and community sites, iPerceptions uses a technology they call “Active Research.” Using a mixture of Customer Experience Management and Digital Analytics in the right place at the right time, Active Research helps your brand find out:

Do they love us?

What can we do to gain their love?

What is the competition doing?

How can we let them know we’ve changed?


Is it true like?


You won’t know until you ask.

Make your client’s heart go pitter-patter when you show them you want to get to know their their feelings better, when you begin to show that you care what they think.