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Three things marketers can learn from the music broadcast industry

We are always trying new things and having to adapt our content experience to keep up with the ever shifting trends of youth media consumption. 

Between the launch of The Box in 1992 and our rebrand to The Box Plus Network earlier this year, we’ve learnt a bunch of things which we think are applicable to not just the music business, but the wider media and marketing landscape.

Here are a few starters for ten:

  1. Love what you do: You do your best work when you’re passionate.  Our love for music and pop-culture has defined almost everything we’ve ever done. From live broadcasting live video mixing with Shortee Blitz to our work with festivals, such as Fusion, energy and passion are vital to internal culture. Get this right and it overflows to your external brand and products.  It’s infectious.
  2. Don’t take yourself too seriously: There are things in life that you should take seriously (mostly anything that’s on the news), but by its very nature, entertaining people is not one of them. Injecting a healthy dose of humour into what you do pays dividends with the audience and quite frankly just makes coming to work a bit more fun.
  3. Engage your audience: We’re lucky to have a highly focused, highly engaged and highly responsive audience.  We learn a lot about them by listening and speaking to them through social media and various focus groups. Your audience are your customers; get to know them, listen to them and invest in them!

We’ll continue to grow our network and continue to adapt over the coming months and years, and marketing communications as a discipline is changing at lightning speed. With the right mix of passion, knowledge and humour/humility, success shouldn’t be far away.