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Three ways the cloud is pushing business forward

The latest buzzword to surround the industries of business and technology, the cloud has become a highly coveted entity – but why?


Despite the popularity of cloud-based services, there are still some who are unsure of what this development has to offer. While the future is definitely pointing in its direction (45% of total IT spend will be cloud-related by 2020 according to this year’s IP Expo) jumping on board with limited knowledge of what it does could do more harm than good.


Here we look at just three ways the cloud is pushing business forward so you can see why it might be beneficial for you.


1. It is scalable


While there have been previous concerns over the suitability of cloud-based systems for smaller organisations, this myth seems to have been well and truly busted. Cloud computing is scalable and that means it is just as effective when incorporate by an SME as when used by a larger organisation or conglomerate.


Levelling the playing field for all involved; cloud computing represents a way for smaller businesses to compete with larger companies without disadvantage and there are many ways it can be introduced.


From facilitating the storage and sharing of files to researching cloud solutions for company emails, there are numerous avenues you can explore. Having your emails on the cloud keeps them backed up in a secure, off-site location to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of archiving and other related processes.


With an easy implementation process, you may find that transferring your existing services to the cloud takes but a few hours.


2. It is secure


With any new technology or system, security is always a concern – especially if dealing with sensitive data. Research by Intuit claimed that 82% of accountants whom they surveyed named this as their main fear when considering entering the cloud but these fears are largely unfounded.


While there are some security risks associated with the cloud, this is no different to any other piece of technology. The trick is identifying these risks and taking adequate measures to overcome them. Considering the pivotal role cloud computing now plays in our lives, this is something which is taking a continual focus, giving the system great security credentials.


3. It is universally popular


It’s not just independent businesses who are getting on the cloud bandwagon, even the public sector has started to recognise its benefits. With austerity measures forcing the public sector to find ways to improve services on smaller budgets, the cloud is being considered as a potential way to do this.


According to Christine Arcaris, Gartner analyst, the government’s spending on cloud computing will continue to rise with economic conditions driving the movement. In fact, government departments are claimed to be adopting cloud-based services at an alarming rate with 30-50% already having an active cloud contact or planning to introduce one within the next year.


With such universal appeal, it’s hardly surprising that cloud computing is being positioned as such an important option in the modern business world.