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Three ways you're failing on social

In the last few weeks I’ve become increasing aggravated by what I can only describe as people and brands spamming my social feeds. These are real people and real brands that are just getting social media really wrong and here’s how:

Syncing Twitter to an RSS feed
Do not sync your Twitter to your blog. Updates seem robotic, obviously scheduled and detached. Syncing to a news source or blogging platform is even worse – why would you choose to tweet every story from one site? Consistent updates do not help you or the source – it looks both odd and overbearing.

Over-blogging on LinkedIn
I know last month I urged you to blog on LinkedIn and I stand by that, but a few individuals have gone one step too far. Every time you post a new blog your connections and follows are notified, this means daily blogging updates can easily annoy your audience. Limit yourself to three updates a month.

Abusing hashtags
This can happen across a range of social channels but it’s really prominent on social apps such as Instagram and Vine. Too many users fill their photo captions with unnecessary hashtags with the aim of getting a follow back. It looks unprofessional, desperate and undermines the content you are promoting. A good picture is worth a thousands words so lay off the hashtags.

Rant over.    
Anything annoying you on social media I've missed? Tweet me @jessica_mcgreal