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Tips for Building an Online "Go Green" Campaign

There are so many ways for consumers and businesses to make greener choices, and many of these choices are cheaper and work better than the "traditional" way of doing things. But you want your "Go Green" campaign to stand out. It needs character and personality to get noticed among all the other messages out there. Here's how to assure the success of your campaign by taking the message online.

Create a Theme or Catch Phrase

Who can forget Smokey the Bear's, "Only you can prevent forest fires," or Hallmark's, "When you care enough to send the very best"? These phrases (along with many others) have made a deep mark on the minds of consumers, and carry messages that transcend any commercial or advertisement.

When you're competing online, you need a phrase that sticks out, begs for an investigation, and is easy to remember. The Internet is too competitve for so-so phrases and slogans to catch on in a meaningful way.

Start a Blog

Now incorporate your slogan into your website, and start a blog to delve into the many aspects of your green campaign. Blogging allows you to take each facet of your message and explore it thoroughly, so people can see and understand why your campaign is different.

Are you helping bring new recycling opportunities to the community? Is your organization keeping our soil, air, lakes, and rivers free of pollution? Blog regularly and look at all sides of your issues thoroughly. The key to blogging success is regularity, so post no less than once per week. Two to three times per week is ideal.

Use Social Media

The most effective use of social media when promoting Go Green campaigns is to promote what you're already doing on your blog. Set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn, Pintrest, YouTube and other sites, and be sure to connect all of these back to your blog. Post teasers to encourage people to follow your link back to read your entire blog post.

Users also respond well to social media posts that ask for their input, such as polls, surveys, and open-ended questions. Get people engaged, excited, enraged, or intrigued. Just get them involved. With all of the need for connecting with different people in order to keep your campaign afloat, you will need to look into your high-speed internet options to make sure you have a top of the line connection.

Be Visual

Every online post, whether on a blog, social media, or website, needs at least one high quality, interesting photograph. Videos are even better. Sometimes you can capture reader interest with a funny, heartwarming, or graphic image when your title or subject fails to catch their eye.

Videos on YouTube, Vine, and Instagram are more great ways to spread your go green message. Pintrest and Flickr do the same for your still photos. Producing your own images is the best way to stand apart from the other campaigns out there.

By taking your go green campaign online, you have access to over 2.5 billion viewers. Make your message count by doing it right.