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Tips For Choosing a Domain Name For Your Business

When you’re surfing the internet, hopping from site to site and link to link, it’s easy to forget that each and every site that you jump to has a completely unique web address, something that allows us to navigate the internet quickly and easily.

But have you ever though about how all of these millions of domain names were managed? How people ensure that there are no duplicates and who is responsible to keeping the databases up to date.


DNS is the process by which the web address that you’ve typed into your browser is converted into an IP in order for you to then be directed to the correct site. Think of it as a sort of internet phone number, although instead of having to remember the numbers for each site you can type in the user-friendly web address and the DNS will convert it for you.

As new domain names are registered everyday, this database of IP addresses has to be maintained almost constantly: an incredibly important job that the smooth running of the internet depends on.

There are a few companies authorised to provide domain names and registry escrow, these companies are called Registrars and they can also provide domain names and maintain the DNS servers.

Registry data escrow, as well as other guidelines and safeguards, help to ensure that there are no duplicate names registered on the internet.

Anyone that owns a domain name will pay an annual fee – the cost of which will depend on the name and the top level domain that you’ve chosen – to a central company who is in charge of maintaining the DNS servers and keeping everything up to date.

This stops addresses being lost or miss-directed and involves a huge amount of data and information. Providing and maintain domain names and TLDs is a huge job, managed by companies with masses of expertise in the field.

 So next time you’re registering a new domain name or simply surfing the web, take a minute to think about all of the information that your computer needs to direct you to the right site, and spare a thought for the hard work that goes into it.